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About Josh Jennings

Josh Jennings attended the University of Chicago and the NYU Tisch School of the Arts for Film and Theater in New York City.

Jennings is a co-founding artist of The Made Space, an art and design studio founded in 2016. A New Space for New Art, The Made Space is not only a showroom and gallery in the traditional sense, where contemporary works of design and art are on display, but The Made Space develops new approaches to presenting and producing works of art and design.

Jennings’s professional positions include serving as Technical Director for various international marketing and communications agencies in both the US and Germany. In 2011, with his brother Zach Jennings, Josh Jennings founded Urbandale Studios, a creative marketing and communications agency based in Los Angeles and Freiburg, Gemany.

Jenning’s understanding of technological, artistic, and philosophical concepts informs his universal approach to knowledge and facilitates his ability to apply diverse ideas and skills to literature, art, design, and technology.

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